My name is Johnny Khan and I live in the Washington, DC/Norther Virginia area.  During the day time and sometime nights I work as the owner of a boutique information technology company, but in between those hours I look for opportunities to capture images of people, places and things.


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I photograph for fun, work and as a source of passion. As a kid I learned the basics of photography using cameras like Canon and Yashika full frame with 35 mm roll developed in the darkroom and eventually journeyed through the evolution of technology.  I love to capture images as I see from my perspective (eye) and that perspective ranges from viewing humans, objects and landscapes in their simplicity to complex abstraction. Travel throughout the country and the world is a great source of images for me.  I love capturing people in their element.  I struggle (in a good way) with every picture I take with a purpose of capturing that element that sometimes is hidden and faint, and screams at you on other occasions.  




Johnny K